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What Exactly Is The Difference Between Traditional Dropshipping And The Direct Domestic Advantage Model?
Traditional dropshipping is selling low priced, low quality products at high volume with a low-profit margin, and takes upwards of 30 days or longer to be delivered from China.

The Direct Domestic Advantage Model is the NEW way and takes the opposite approach, which focuses on building a real long term brand around selling high-quality products that sell lower volume with a much higher profit margin; all whilst offering customers next day delivery.

  •   We Don’t Sell Cheap, Low-Quality Products from China.
  •   We Focus On High-Ticket Products (Usually £300+ Per Item).
  •   We Help Our Students Build Real Long-Term Brands.
  •   We Don’t Spend Thousands Upfront on Buying Stock or Renting Storage Space.
  •   We Show Our Students How To Offer Next Day Delivery.
  •   We Don’t Use Aliexpress, Amazon or eBay.
At Fast Life Academy we give you the step-by-step guidance to get your business off the ground and to take it to the next level. So when you’re ready, click below to watch our e-commerce training about the same method we teach our students to help them achieve lifestyles they love with businesses they can be proud of.

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What do we cover inside the training?

The New Model Of Dropshipping And Why It's Taking Off

We’ll explain how you can design your perfect lifestyle by selecting a market with high demand, in which your customers will be happy to purchase higher priced products.

How To Choose High Profit Products (Even If You’re Worried About The Competition)

We’ll reveal our criteria to help you choose which products to sell, so you can start with the perfect business and then work backwards to find your winning niche market.

How To Offer Next Day Delivery To Your Customers

When you know where to look and exactly what to say, you can secure fantastic, mutually beneficial business relationships in order to achieve your goals.


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Dropshipping consists of selling products via an online store. When the buyer places an order with you it is sent directly from the supplier to the customers address. The seller profits from the difference between what the supplier sold the product for and what the buyer paid. One of the main disadvantages is that the ‘dropshipper’ often sells cheap, low quality products from China which in turn damages customer loyalty.

You can learn more about the new model of what we call the ‘Direct Domestic Advantage Model’ on how to start your own e-commerce business at https://www.fastlifeacademy.com/click-here.

Greg Fast is the founder of Fast Life Academy, a leading e-commerce training company. Alongside running his own e-commerce dropshipping businesses, Greg also helps entrepreneurs achieve lifestyles they love through businesses that they can be proud of.

You can read more about Greg here www.fastlifeacademy.co.uk/about.

Fast Life Academy is an online education company that provides entrepreneurs with a step-by-step plan to launch & scale a location independent e-commerce business in the UK market.

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